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WCS Logistics Brooke Road Freezer Expansion

WCS Logistics Brooke Road Freezer Expansion

WCS Logistics Inc., Winchester Cold Storage Co. was once known as the world’s largest apple storage company. With over 100 years of service WCS has grown to be a trusted third-party logistic provider and partner for temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution businesses focused not only on the east coast of the US but also servicing customers across the country and internationally.

WCS broke ground in May 2018 on an important expansion at its Brooke Road facility in Winchester Virginia expanding its freezer and cooler capabilities by 8,500 pallet positions, to serve the Meat, Poultry, Beverage industries, and a variety of finished good product companies as well.

“Over the past 17 years, WCS Logistics has made a concerted effort to diversify and provide third party support for all temperature ranges, ambient to -20 below. This new facility continues us down that road of being the best place for all your needs”, says Mr. Brian K. Beazer is the General Manager and CEO of WCS Logistics.

While the majority of third-party logistics companies handle only one temperature range, WCS Logistics is unique in that it handles products from dry, refrigerated and frozen temperatures in five different locations in Virginia and West Virginia, totaling 2.1 million square feet of space all positioned near the I-81 corridor: Winchester, Berryville, Front Royal and Charles Town, WV.

The new expansion will be a total of approximately 65,000 square feet with room for approximately 8,500 pallet positions, expanding WCS freezer capacity and yielding better space utilization due to greater rack height and more optimized configuration. This newly expanded facility paves the way for additional WCS Logistics modern warehouses that increase productivity, improve safety and serve customers with additional space capacity.

In giving additional insight into the project, Mr. Beazer stated “This facility gives us the opportunity to provide more services to our customers in a modern smaller footprint but higher pallet yield facility, utilizing a cascading CO2 ammonia refrigeration system that is safer and more efficient than other systems. As things change in the industry, we are changing along with them.”

Mr. Beazer has the privilege to be involved with and serves on many worldwide cold chain committees and boards. He currently sits as the Treasurer of the WFLO (World Food Logistics Organization) Board of Governors, which is partnered with the largest industry association, the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). According to the GCCA website, the purpose of the WFLO, is to “deliver education and research to the industry and empowers economic development by strengthening the global cold chain.”

Mr. Beazer adds, “Being involved with the WFLO and GCCA over the years has helped WCS Logistics keep up and in touch with the advancements in our industry and give back to the industry helping with knowledge and instruction domestically and internationally.”

WCS Logistics would like to thank Frederick County and all its partners in support of this expansion. This new modern Freezer/Cooler Facility will enable the company to continue to strengthen the economy of Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia and to help assist its customers’ growing needs in the food manufacturing and cold chain industries.

WCS Logistics is pleased to announce that the Brooke Road facility expansion is currently under construction and is expected to begin operation in January 2019.

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